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Bee Craft is the UK’s best selling monthly beekeeping magazine with the largest paid circulation. It is known as ‘The Independent Voice of British Beekeeping’ and is published by Bee Craft Ltd which also publishes a wide range of beekeeping books and booklets.

The magazine contains up to date articles on all practical aspects of beekeeping, descriptions of how to get the best out of beekeeping equipment, looks at beekeeping around the UK and abroad, and presents science and research in easily understood language.

The magazine in its current format has 48 A4 size pages in full colour in both printed and online editions. It is the magazine for both the experienced beekeeper and those starting their journey with the craft.

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How to use a bait hive

We all lose swarms now and then and it is sad to say goodbye to a favourite queen or a large workforce that might have gathered a good crop of honey. Furthermore, a swarm might become a nuisance to a neighbour if it moves into their chimney – and more of a nuisance to you when asked to remove them. Setting up bait hives between May and the end of July gives you a sporting chance of retrieving any swarms you might otherwise have lost and, perhaps more excitingly, gaining brand new bees from elsewhere. By Richard Rickitt, co-editor

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