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Old Castle Farm came back to life in 2006 when the Roberts Family decided to follow their dream of farming and keeping bees. We pride ourselves on the production of home-grown food with local provenance being one of our main priorities.From there on the dream developed into a reality.Having completed a Beekeeping Course and set up our first hive, the enthusiasm and passion grew, and the number quickly multiplied to around 30 hives on the mountain and around the Farm in Tonna Neath.

Check out our Sentinel Clothing Range – designed by Beekeepers. 

As well as offering the Sentinel Pro II and Queen Bee beekeeping suits in a wide range of sizes, we appreciate that you may want a different size to our off-the-shelf suit sizes.
We are therefore pleased to offer bespoke suits “made to measure” to meet your requirements.
To order, please select the ‘Bespoke’ size from the ‘Size’ options at our online shop. Once you have placed your order, we will send you a form so that you can provide your measurements for the new suit.
Sentinel Pro II suit https://www.oldcastlefarmhives.com/product/sentinel-pro-ii-bee-suit/
Sentinel Queen Bee suit https://www.oldcastlefarmhives.com/product/sentinel-queen-bee-womens-beekeeping-suit/
Please note that bespoke size suits have a delivery time of approximately 2-3 weeks.

We also make a range of Pest Control Suits

Pest Control Suit


Thank you kindly to Dafydd Pett at The Welsh Honey Company for the video review of the Sentinel Pro Suit.

Latest News
on Beekeeping Equipment 
We are happy to announce that we have created our own one piece correx nuc box, perfect for rearing, splits and swarms.
Take a look at the video below to see how to put them together.
More information here https://www.oldcastlefarmhives.com/product/national-correx-nuc-box/

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